Edgewood Park is a serene, natural treasure nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Washington. Located near the confluence of the Lewis and Clark River and amidst beautiful stands of old-growth trees, Edgewood Park provides an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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One of Vancouver’s oldest parks, Edgewood Park encompasses over 1,100 acres of rolling hills and meadows along with an expansive network of trails. Whether you’re looking to explore nature on foot or simply soak up some sun while enjoying beautiful views, Edgewood Park is sure to please. The park contains a variety of activities including picnicking, fishing, hiking and biking trails. In addition, two popular beaches make this park a great spot for swimming and beach-goers will appreciate the stunning views overlooking Columbia River to the east.
When visiting Edgewood Park there are countless opportunities to observe native wildlife such as deer, bald eagles and owls in their natural habitat. Throughout springtime visitors can admire wildflowers beginning to bloom; while autumn graces us with yellows hues that blanket the park during peak foliage season. It’s no wonder then that Edgewood Park was named one of Thrilling “10 Breathtaking Parks You Need To Check Out In Washington State”!
In addition to its vast outdoor appeal, Edgewood Park also features several family-friendly attractions located near its main entrance off NE 43rd Street & Vanport Avenue; including play structures and swings as well as picnic tables & BBQ grills available to rent upon request. For those looking for a break between exploring this immense park may enjoy playing some disc golf at The Edge Disc Golf Course which has been mentioned as one of Oregon Lives “10 Places To Play Disc Golf In The Northwest.”
The nearby Interpretive Center provides educational programming aimed at enhancing public appreciation and stewardship of natural resources in both English & Spanish with special programs offered year round in partnership with local schools & non-profits. Additionally, many local volunteers assist with various projects meant to maintain species habitat such as removing invasive plants or restoring trails within Eedgowood Park so that everyone can continue to enjoy it’s remarkable beauty today & tomorrow!
The City of Vancouver has even taken extra steps to ensure that our community members have access to nature via major transportation routes like bus lines 28 & 20 which both stop near the main entrance off Vanport Ave & NE 43rd Street so you too can experience all that Edgewood Park has to offer!
So if you seek outdoor adventure whether it be for relaxation or recreation be sure to add Edgewood Park on your must visit list next time you’re passing through Vancouver! With something for everyone in your party — plus breathtaking views — this beloved park is truly worth discovering again & again!

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