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Sewer Line Hookups

Sewer repair in Portland, OR when you need it.Sewer Line Replacement Portland OR

When you’re in need of sewer repair, there’s no time to wait. You want a sewer repair from a plumbing company that performs. With skilled technicians, more than 20 years of experience, and our 5 star plumbing service guarantee, PNW Plumbing is one of Portland’s most trusted choices for sewer repair.

We provide comprehensive service both in and outside of the home. It’s easy to forget that your sewer system runs beneath your house and into the city grid. There are a number of problems that can lead to the need for sewer repair or repiping in Portland. We’ve seen them all, and act swiftly and decisively. Our experience allows for accurate decision making that can mitigate the damage your sewer line problem causes to surrounding areas. If you encounter any of the following, call us immediately.

Call us immediately if you encounter any of these broken sewer line symptoms:

  • Flooding outside your home or business
  • Flooding in the basement of your home or business
  • Audibly noisy drainage throughout your property
  • Indentations in your lawn
  • Persistent clogging of drains or toilets
  • Lush grass concentrations on your lawn

Sewer repair options that work for you!

Most Portland residents are busy and don’t have time to fix plumbing problems on their own. We save you time by planning ahead, starting every job with a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Our highly qualified plumbers have the right equipment and techniques in order to provide you with an accurate sewer line inspection. We’ll identify where in your system the problem has occurred, what is required to repair it, and present you with our complete findings before moving forward.
Sewer Line Repair in Portland
As sewer contractors in Portland we can perform every type of repair including traditional and trenchless main line repair. we’ll determine which will provide the most efficient results and the lowest cost to you. It’s always our goal to do right by our customers. That means being upfront about different options.

The most expensive option isn’t always the best, and the best isn’t always the most expensive. That’s why we take one step at time, focusing all our attention on diagnosis before beginning repairs. Our accurate assessments allow our technicians to make quick work when providing sewer repair in Portland.

Replacing sewer line from the house to main.

Wherever you have damage in your sewer line, we can repair. The first step is always a diagnosis of the problem. We use camera and light equipped snakes in order to identify what’s wrong with your sewer line. Typical problems include blocks and incursions. We use specialized equipment to destroy blockages. This may prevent the need for further action. If that is not the case we will consult with you.

There are multiple options available for sewer repair at your Portland home. The older your home, the more likely it is to have main line issues. That’s why many landmark buildings in Portland have had plumbing work done. Options depend on the surrounding are and what lies above your sewer line. Homes with concrete or trees above the line may need traditional repair that involves a trench. This is also the case when an entire line needs replacing. Trenchless boring is typically reserved for partial replacements. These methods allow our technicians to replace a single portion of the line without digging a trench.

Damaged or cracked sewer pipes cause serious damage.

      • Corroded Pipes – This can cause pipes to break, or deteriorate to the point of collapse.
      • Leaking Joints – When pipe seals break, water will leak and saturate the surrounding area.
      • Off-grade Pipes – Existing pipes may be substandard, this can occur in metal and clay pipes.
      • Bellied Pipes – This occurs when piping sinks into soft ground. It can collect waste material.
      • Blocked Pipes – Foreign objects or grease can restrict water flow and make cleaning difficult.
      • Root Incursion – Shrubs and tree roots can grow around sewer lines, causing leaks, breakages, and restriction.

Experience the 5-star difference and Contact Us today for sewer repair in Portland.

No matter where or when you need sewer repair, we’re there. With an accurate diagnosis, skilled repairs, and the best replacement parts, we provide repairs that last for years.

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See What Clients Are Saying