Esther Short Park and Playground is the perfect destination for families looking to experience outdoor activities in Vancouver, Washington. Located in the heart of downtown, this large city park has been a beloved community hub since its inception in 1888 — offering plenty of attractions & amenities that make it a go-to spot for locals & visitors alike!

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This 8.2 acre park contains various features such as a water feature; benches; picnic tables & BBQ grills available to rent upon request ; plus an expansive lawn that provides plenty of space for outdoor games or other recreational activities. For those seeking to explore further you can find yourself traversing along walkways that cut through the park while taking advantage of gorgeous views from The Waterfront Renaissance Trail located directly adjacent from Esther Short Park.
Parents are sure to appreciate the updates made throughout recent years such as the addition of new play structures ; swings & spinning disks throughout this already popular playground. Funny throwback elements such as wooden xylophones & metal bells will bring out your inner child too! Plus there’s even an irrigation system installed beneath so that you can enjoy your fun without worrying about dust or dirt coming up from below.
During summertime, Esther Short Park also serves as home to many festivals like Vancouver’s once-popular 4th Of July celebration or our very own Summer Breeze Concert Series – drawing thousands into this picturesque setting every year! In addition to scheduled events , Esther Short playground is open all year round providing endless opportunities for children & adults alike — regardless of age — to come together and enjoy each others’ company by taking part in various outdoorsy activities such as reading under shady trees; bird-watching ; running around; playing sports etc…
So if you’re looking for a pleasant escape from everyday life with something special for everyone be sure to visit Esther Short Park and Playground next time you’re in Vancouver! With spectacular attractions surrounding every corner~you won’t forget your incredible experience here anytime soon!

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