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Repipes Tigard

Renovate Your Pipes

Repipes TigardAt first thought, it doesn’t occur to most people that some of the best money spent on their home, could be spent on redoing their plumbing. We get it – plumbing isn’t as fun as a new kitchen, upgrading the bathroom, or finally installing that movie room you’ve always wanted. But the benefits are undeniable. Not only will this minimize your homes vulnerability to leaks, new pipes are also clean, which means your water heater is free of contaminants that build up in older plumbing.

Not to mention it also gives you the peace of mind that any renovations you do after, won’t be undone by bad plumbing. PNW Plumbers has over 20 years of providing full repipes to homes in and around Tigard. Our expert plumbing contractors have seen it all, and many jobs are far less invasive, time-consuming, and even less expensive than most might think.

Bad Pipe Problems

For most homeowners, it makes sense to think about repiping their home at the same time as other renovations, but unfortunately, that’s not always how it works. Many homeowners are faced with a replumbing job only after noticing some of the tell-tale signs that their old pipes might be failing:

Corroded Pipes

Discolored or odorous water. As one of the more concerning signs, water that’s no longer running clear or is even carrying a new smell, means that the pipes have corroded to the point of affecting water quality.

Leaking Pipes

High water bills and low water pressure. The two may go hand-in-hand. Where there’s low water pressure, there’s usually a leak hidden somewhere in the line, and if you have a leak – that leads to a higher-than-expected water bill despite “regular” usage.

Clogged Drains

If you’ve ruled out hair or other gunk as the reason why your sinks are draining slow, then the culprit could be build up from the plumbing itself. Over time, corrosion and oxidation lead to clogs that slow the flow of water through the system.

Repiping Experts

Leaking PipesWhile wrenching in a new pipe under the kitchen sink might be suitable for some everyday DIY-ists, repiping a home is one of those things that’s better left to the pros. Not only can an experienced plumber like PNW Plumbers identify the most cost-effective way to tackle the job, all of the work we perform is backed by our guarantee.

One and done. Installing new pipes isn’t something you should have to experience more than once in your home’s lifetime. Coupled with a new water heater and main water line replacement, you may never have to think much about your plumbing again.

With us, you can rest assured that the work was done as professionally as it could be. Your new pipes will fit right in and bolster your home’s longevity with a clean, free-flowing water source.

Give PNW Plumbers a call today for any questions on bringing new pipes to your home.

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