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The Risks of Using a Plumber Without a License

Are you having a plumbing issue that requires immediate attention from a professional plumber? If so, it could prove useful to be educated on the importance of hiring a plumber who is licensed. If so, the various inevitable facts about plumbers discussed in this text will undoubtedly prove helpful with your plumbing needs. Basically, there are different types of plumbing issues that you can encounter in your premises including dripping faucets, leaky pipes, running toilets, low water pressure and sump pump failure among others. However, despite the plumbing issue you encounter, it is vital you avoid solving it using do- it- yourself repair alternative.

Following do- it- yourself plumbing repair option is not encouraged at all. DIY plumbing repair alternative is not encouraged because the process involved can be accompanied with a variety of pitfalls, especially if you are not experienced and sure about the steps and tools to follow and utilize respectively. For instance, with DIY plumbing repair, you will most likely end up causing more damage than good especially if the plumbing repair results you produce lack that vital professional touch needed. Do- it- yourself plumbing repair will also be hectic as well as time- consuming since you will be the one handling the various activities involved during the process including looking for materials and equipment to use. These pitfalls associated with DIY plumbing repair and others make it necessary to collaborate with a qualified plumber anytime the need arises.

However, because not all plumbers are genuine and/ or experienced to provide impeccable plumbing repair solutions, it is recommended you make sure you do your homework accordingly on the various plumbing firms available in your location. Performing some fact- findings prior to hiring any person or company to solve your plumbing problem will make you encounter a variety of merits. For instance, by researching, you will not only be able to locate a professional plumber that is genuine, but also one that will offer you affordable charges as prices for services rendered. 

Advantages of Hiring a Qualified Plumber

1.The Right Plumbing Materials and Tools will be Used

Legit plumbers normally invest in great plumbing facilities that are considered crucial in producing flawless and dependable plumbing solutions. Once you liaise with experienced plumbers, be sure your plumbing needs will be solved by professionals that will combine their skills with their top- notch tools so as to produce great plumbing repair results.

2.Quick and Safe Plumbing Solutions

Since professionals offering plumbing services are well- trained and thus qualified, hiring them when the need arises will make you get desirable plumbing repair solutions in a quick and secure manner. 

3.Plumbers are Insured

Legit pros providing plumbing services are covered. Unlike in DIY plumbing repair alternative whereby you will be responsible for accidents or damages that might occur, by hiring professional plumbers, you will get compensated in case they make you suffer from any form of damage caused by their mistake or negligence.

4.Professional Advice

In addition to giving you impeccable and very reliable plumbing solutions, professional plumbers will provide you some great advice that you can utilize in order to avoid encountering the issue they rectify for you in the future. 

There are other benefits of dealing with plumbers in addition to the aforementioned ones. However, for you to end up experiencing these merits in case you opt to hire a plumber soon, ensure the person or company you will collaborate with is licensed and therefore legitimate. This is very important because dealing with unlicensed plumbers can expose you to a number of risks. 

Risks of Using a Plumber Without License

#1: Unlicensed Plumbers Cannot Pull Permits

Prior to starting any major job, plumbing contractors require acquiring a permit in order to ensure that every factor involved will be solved in accordance with the laws governing plumbers and their clients. Only a licensed plumbing contractor is qualified to obtain a permit. 

Unlicensed plumbers cannot obtain permits since they are considered unqualified to handle different plumbing issues and thus can cause extensive damage to any plumbing system once hired. 

As a customer, hiring an unlicensed plumbing contractor can make you end up being saddled with costly code violations because of the plumber’s negligence. 

#2: Unlicensed Plumbing Contractors are not Covered

Unlicensed plumbing contractors that cannot pull permits are very unlikely to have proper insurance cover. This means dealing with a plumbing contractor that is not licensed will make you vulnerable to a legal action in case the plumber suffers from any form of injury while solving your plumbing issue. 

Also, since unlicensed plumbing contractors do not have general liability, in case you hire one, any damages that happen during the process will be your sole responsibility. 

#3: Likely to Cause More Damage to Your Property than Good

Unlike licensed plumbing contractors, unlicensed plumbers are certainly not up date with your town’s codes as well as not familiar with the structure and make- up of your area’s plumbing specifications. Also, by being unlicensed, it is a clear indication that the plumbing contractor does not have the required training and thus not qualified. These factors and many more will significantly improve the chances of unlicensed plumbing contractors end up causing more damage than good to your plumbing system. 

Despite the fact that a plumbing contractor that is unlicensed might provide you a much affordable rate, it is definitely not worth the different risks involved including suing you unjustly, damaging your plumbing structure or contaminating your water. 

Unlicensed plumbing contractors are also very likely to have standards of work that are lower. Therefore, seeking for the services of unlicensed plumbers is not advisable especially when you want to get high quality and long lasting plumbing repair results. 

Bottom Line 

There are many more risks associated with hiring unlicensed plumbing contractors. As you have seen failing to collaborate with a licensed plumbing contractor that is covered when the need arises can eventually cost you a lot in the long run. 

Though utilizing the services of an unlicensed plumbing contractor can make you end up saving a few dollars as well as reap a number of other merits in the short run, the potential risks involved in the long run outweigh those benefits. It is therefore recommended that any time you desire to hire a plumbing contractor, make sure the person you consider is licensed and covered. 

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The Risks of Using a Plumber Without a License

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