Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Vancouver, Washington. Located along the northern banks of the Columbia River, this historic location was once the main center of activity for the Hudson’s Bay Company during their occupation of the region. Spanning over two hundred acres, Fort Vancouver encompasses multiple sites and attractions that transport visitors back in time to experience a slice of life from the country’s early history.

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The centerpiece of Fort Vancouver is its grand fort, originally constructed by British forces in 1825. This impressive stone structure remains largely intact and features various artifacts from its days as an active military post such as cannons and storehouses. The commandant’s residence has also been restored to look much like it did during active use. Beyond the fort grounds, visitors can explore numerous other spots within Fort Vancouver such as reconstructed buildings dating back to 1840s including officers’ quarters and barracks; blacksmith shops; a schoolhouse and church; barns; sawmills; grist mills; rope walkways; ice houses and more!
Fort Vancouver serves to feature both park rangers who are dedicated to educating visitors on local history year round ;as well as a variety of different events that take place throughout the year celebrating our nation’s past. Examples include Victorian Tea Parties in June and The Fourth Of July celebration that typically features fireworks & live music for all ages! Additionally, guided tours are available which allow you to tour some of these historic sites with knowledgeable guides who will provide insight into what life was like at this great old fort.
Beyond attractions located directly within Fort Vancouver’s premises, there are plenty of nearby activities worth exploring too! Visitors looking for outdoor fun may enjoy exploring nearby hiking trails (including Sacajawea Park); horseback riding in nearby Vancouver Lake Regional Park & swimming at neighboring Salmon Creek Beach — all within minutes driving distance away! And with its close proximity to downtown Portland & Cascade Range Mountains getting away from it all while still being close enough to venture into town couldn’t be easier — making Fort Vancouver National Historic Site an ideal day trip destination or perfect weekend getaway!
Fort Vancouver holds so much meaning to our national history so don’t miss out on experiencing this multifaceted historical landmark next time you’re in town! With fascinating museums & events plus plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities around every corner — you’ll feel transported back in time without ever needing a passport !