The Vancouver Land Bridge is a stunning landmark located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Washington. This modern architectural marvel features a raised pedestrian walkway that spans nearly 500 meters across the I-5 freeway, connecting Esther Short Park with Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and providing an excellent vantage point for viewing the city skyline and surrounding landscape.

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Originally opened in 2015, this dramatic bridge has quickly become an iconic symbol of both modern engineering and environmental preservation. The two sections of the bridge were connected at either side of the freeway to form a continuous arch that soars thirty feet above ground level. As one traverses along the land bridge they can observe beautiful views on either side of their journey: to the east, visitors can observe gorgeous views of both Esther Short Park & beyond while looking west provides unparalleled views of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site & Columbia River.
People looking to explore further can traverse down one of three stairways located along the bridge’s path — each staircase featuring rustic wooden planks & contemporary aluminum railings that blend nicely into the overall design aesthetic. At its center point, visitors will find themselves standing in front of a magnificent sculpture titled “Echo”— created by local artists Donna Fontenot & Robert Bruce Thompson—that serves as a symbolic monument to both indigenous people who once traversed these lands & contemporary activists fighting towards social justice today!
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this ambitious project also serves numerous ecological purposes! Home to rare plants & wildlife species including salmon, beavers and bald eagles;the agency responsible for overseeing this project took special care in selecting plant life that naturally flourishes in wetland environments — providing those passing over its span with panoramic views brimming with lush vegetative backdrops year round!
For those lucky enough to explore this groundbreaking achievement it is truly an inspiring experience — enhanced even more so by surrounding attractions like Public Art Sculptures or Waterfront Cafe which make for great pit-stops during your exploration! So when you’re looking for something uniquely inspiring or just want an adventure along historic grounds prove yourself wrong by visiting Vancouver Land Bridge — you won’t regret it!

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