Vancouver, Washington’s Waterfront Renaissance Trail is an impressive network of trails and parkland that spans over nine miles along the northern banks of the Columbia River. This trail system provides locals & tourists with direct access to some of the area’s most beloved natural attractions such as Esther Short Park and Fort Vancouver National Historic Site — all connected via a continuous walking/biking path.

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This comprehensive riverfront trail offers visitors plenty of opportunities for leisurely strolls & recreational activities alike! Alongside its paved pathways are numerous stops made for explorers to rest their feet which feature unique amenities ranging from public art displays; benches to admire stunning views of downtown; interpretive signage as well as drinking fountains, picnic areas & restrooms located at various points along the route.
Bicyclists & runners alike will appreciate this trail system too — taking in beautiful views while discovering scenic spots including Esther Short Park (which is widely considered one of Vancouver’s best parks) or exploring other nearby destinations such as Oneonta Gorge where you can hike through a breathtaking canyon formed by layers of sheer basalt walls!
History buffs may especially appreciate waterfront renaissance trail while they take in the remarkable sights at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site- once home of The Hudson Bay Company –or view outdoor sculptures at Vince Genna Stadium located adjacent to the main trailhead near Hayden Island. Thanks to a partnership with The City Of Vancouver- many different responsible users who share this pathway abide by The Waterfront Renaissance Trail Principles which prioritize preservation of natural resources alongside respectful behavior toward all park visitors & neighbors.
At night, much like during daytime hours- your experience along the waterfront renaissance trial will be enhanced even more so due to LED lights illuminating parts of the path from dusk till dawn — creating an inviting atmosphere that truly welcomes exploration year round! So next time you’re looking for a memorable outdoor adventure with something for everyone be sure to add waterfront renaissance trial on your must visit list -all it takes is just one try and you’ll immediately see why this incredible pathway has become our city’s pride & joy!

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