Pearson Air Museum is a remarkable attraction in Vancouver, Washington that commemorates the stories of our nation’s aviation history. This historical museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore a wide variety of aircraft exhibits & artifacts gathered from various eras in both American & international aviation history.

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From the moment you step into Pearson Air Museum you’ll quickly recognize its remarkable features such as original wood floors & high ceilings in addition to charming antique furnishings scattered throughout its main hall — making it feel like a genuine glimpse into the past! As you begin to make your way through various levels of the museum you can learn first-hand about early flight pioneers such as Amelia Earhart and Orville Wright alongside modern icons who have greatly impacted the industry such as John Glenn and Alan Shepard.
The collections housed at Pearson AIR Museum are truly impressive too – showcasing unique pieces spanning from World War I memorabilia to actual airplanes used during WW2 field operations — all of which have been meticulously restored thanks to assistance from the dedicated staff working tirelessly over years to present & preserve these amazing displays for all visitors alike. Every weekday there is live demonstrations conducted by experienced pilots (weather permitting) offering guests rare insight into what flying a real plane feels like!
Aviation enthusiasts will want to also check out their massive aircraft hangar located outside of the main building — boasting some of worlds most vintage planes including Boeing Steersman training biplanes; Piper Cubs; WACO ; Fokker’s and more! Visiting this museum allows one to gain priceless knowledge on both our nation’s past & current developments within this enchanting industry.
So if you’re looking for an engaging family outing or just wish to immerse yourselves in something truly fascinating be sure to visit Pearson Air Museum next time you’re in town! With engaging exhibits, interactive demonstrations & much more —you won’t know why you never visited sooner!

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