Water Line Shutoff Vancouver WA

Could you shut off your main water line in an emergency?

Your main water line is arguably the most important pipe in your plumbing system. It connects your property to a main source of water, and from there distributes it to each faucet, toilet, and so on. If you’re connected to a public utility company, there are a few notable places you can find it, often near the street under a clearly marked Water Meter Cover. But what if you’re on a private system like a well? Because these systems operate differently and could have been put in by an individual, finding a way to shut if off may not be so simple. Fortunately, there are some common places to check on a private system for a water shut-off.

What if water is getting in right now? There are a few things you can do if you have a water leak. But if you’re having trouble finding a way to stop the source of the leak, your best option is to call a professional plumber and explain the situation and let them take care of it for you.

How do I find my water shut off on a private system?

Because of all the different ways water can be delivered to your property on a private system, finding the shut-off can be very difficult. The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with your water system ahead of time and have a plan in case of an emergency. But if it’s too late for that there a few places you can look:

  • Well Water System Vancouver WACheck near the well pump first. As this pulls the groundwater source up and into your home, you can often find a way to turn the water off here. It is often in a protective case nearby and can be filled with dirt over time. Sometimes, there is so much dirt that it might seem empty; move a couple of layers before you give up!
  • If this is unsuccessful, another option is turn off the water at the pressure tank. In order for the water in your house to come out with appropriate levels of pressure, it has to go through this tank. There should be a valve next to it. Check this list of valve types if you have trouble shutting it off.
  • If neither of these work for you, there is another thing you can try. Many private systems rely on electricity, so shutting off the electricity may do the trick. This should be a last resort and only attempted if the area near the breaker box is dry so that you don’t risk electrocution.

Need help? Call our emergency plumbers!

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’re unable to turn off the main water line. And even if you can, you still have the issue of a major plumbing issue that should be repaired right away. By calling our plumbing contractors, we’ll help you find a way to shut off the water if needed and will get straight to work on repairs. For emergency issues like this, we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!