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Repipes Beaverton

Full Home Repiping

Repipes BeavertonJust like your main water line, if the pipes in your home are all-original, then replacing them is probably in your future. Not sure how old your pipes are? Then the chances are that they’re probably the ones that were installed when your home was first built. With over 20 years of providing general plumbing and full repiping services for homes in and around Beaverton, the plumbing contractors at PNW Plumbers have seen it all. If your home is still sitting on the original plumbing system, then it’s just a matter of time before replacing every pipe in your home with upgraded and modern piping materials is a reality.

Effects of Old Pipes

We love the classic quaintness of our original homes, but most of us don’t think of “vintage” plumbing in quite the same way. Here are a few ramifications of dealing with old plumbing:

Corroded Piping

Like anything else, the original plumbing in your home is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion from the elements. Eventually, the exterior of the pipe may degrade, while the inside becomes caked with a build-up of rust and slime. Not only does this lead to rusty and odorous water, it also (unsurprisingly) makes the water unsafe for consumption.

Leaking Pipes

As time weakens the structural integrity of your plumbing, your home becomes vulnerable to the effects of leaks that inevitably occur. While a leak under the sink might be a manageable, DIY project, a leak in hidden in the walls is another thing entirely. Property damage is a major concern with leaking pipes.

One of the ways through which we learn about leaks, is from a noticeable loss of water pressure. When working properly, your home’s plumbing is a durable, but delicate balance of gravity and pressure working together to move water through your home. If an old pipe cracks due to wear, or opens up at a joint, a leak occurs. While some leaks may be manageable in the beginning, eventually they will bleed your water supply and cause a drop in water pressure.

Think a leak only means you’ve got fix your plumbing? Think again. Left unchecked, an insidious leak hidden inside your walls can slowly work through the structure of your home and down into your foundation. Ignoring the potential for mold growth that could occur under such circumstances, the foundational issues that could arise turn a once-manageable leak into a prohibitively expensive problem to fix.

Not Ready to Repipe

Broken PipesOf course, PNW Plumbers encourages anybody in need of a full repiping to get the work done as soon as possible. But we also know that sometimes that’s not always immediately possible. While replacing your home’s plumbing will need to happen in the future, there are some things that can be done in the meantime. Flushing water before drinking can help clean out the pipes. If some time has passed since turning on your water, run it on cold for 30 seconds to let contaminants pass through.

Bad Pipes Cost Money

When you know you’ve got a leak, but are in “wait and see” mode, some of the most helpful information to “see” is your water bill. If it’s on the rise, you know your leak is getting worse. And no, just because you’re not using that water doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it.

If the day ever comes that a major leak springs up, you’ve got to know where your water supply valves are in order to cut off the flow of water. For every fixture in your home, there will be an individual supply valve, and your main line will likely have one either outside the home, or in the basement.

At this point, however, the best thing to do is give a plumber a call. Any one of our techs will be able to quickly locate your shut off valve – and get started on your brand new plumbing that your home deserves. In addition to repiping, here are some other things clients may opt for at the same time as their new pipes:

  • Brand new water heater to match your brand new plumbing.
  • Replacing the main water line for the optimal water flow.
  • Inspections, troubleshooting, and every kind of plumbing repair.

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