Welcome to Washington Sign – A Symbol of Unity
At the gateway of Washington State lies an iconic landmark that proudly symbolizes unity and diversity. Located in Vancouver, Welcome to Washington Sign stands as a welcoming beacon for those entering the state with its vibrant colors and simple message. Since its unveiling in October 2019 on the west side of I-5, this grand sign has captivated travelers near and far as they come across it during their journeys!

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The sign’s construction was a collaborative effort involving many stakeholders over the span of two years: it was designed by Vancouver-based artist Lillian Pitt; fabricated by local business Wood & Steel LLC; assembled with help from local volunteers; and funded via a collective donation drive organized by Clark County Visitors Bureau. With heartfelt commitment from throughout the region, this project truly became a labor of love for all involved!
Its design is very unique – bright blues and purples adorn “WELCOME TO WASHINGTON” prominently at the top featuring six stars representing water, land, air fire and sky with birds soaring just beneath acting as further symbolism towards achieving unity through understanding our environment! The whole structure rests atop an impressive stainless steel base offering industrial strength for warding off any incoming gusts even during strong weather patterns often seen around these parts.
Moreover, each panel comes with detailed illustrations expressing different aspects of Northwest culture such as: berries typically found across Washington State; various salmon species including Chinook symbols featured prominently amongst them; replica masks being used by Native American tribes prior to settlers arriving along with vivid flowers honoring native flora! All these pieces coming together beautifully depict what makes this state so special whilst also inspiring future generations wanting to experience Northwest life in all its glory!
The beauty behind Welcome To Washington Sign doesn’t end there however – additional activities are available close by perfect for those keen on discovering more about this part of America! Bike paths line nearby roads leading visitors into sprawling nature reserves or take part in guided car tours exploring every corner of Clark County adding further insight into why locals have been calling this place home for centuries whilst also providing educational experiences perfect for young families looking for an outing different from all others!
Lastly, no trip here would be complete without stopping at nearby eateries such as Twisted Fish Grill located just minutes away serving up delicious fare using locally sourced ingredients adding another layer onto unique culinary experiences only found here in Vancouver!
Overall Welcome To Washington Sign offers visitors a stunningly beautiful setting perfect for taking pictures or simply enjoying some peaceful moments admiring incredible artwork assembled from contributions across the region. Come discover why so many make this charming location their favorite spot when traveling to stunningly beautiful Western Canada!

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