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4 Plumbing Issues That Demand Attention From An Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumbing Vancouver WA

4 Plumbing Situations That Will Require An Emergency Plumber

Plumbing emergencies are common when you have a home to manage. As a responsible homeowner, it is one’s duty to take care of these emergencies on priority because they not only cause inconvenience but, there are greater consequences related to overflowing toilets or ruptured pipes.

Dealing with plumbing emergencies can be frustrating, especially, when you do not have expertise in the field. It is wise to call up an emergency plumber before it is too late and you have a flood in your home.

1. Clogged Drains

We all have been there! Clogged drains and clogged toilets are a nightmare. The water can come out overflowing anytime and create a pool in your house, leaving everything damp and with lots of mildew. There are a number of reasons that can create clogged drains.

From prolonged accumulation of dirt, debris and hair to your kid flushing down a toy or a pair of cloth, there are several reasons that lead to different types of clogged drains. While you can take a plunger or a plumber’s snake and try digging the clog yourself, there can be a bigger problem underneath.

To make sure it is a normal clog and not a massive block in your pipeline, you will have to call an emergency plumber. If not treated in time, a block can cause multiple areas in your home to clog, turning your haven into a sinking boat.

2. Leaking Fixtures

Leaking fixtures are a very commonly occurring problem in most of the households. There are a number of fixtures that may leak and pose you a dampening threat. Here are a few of them:

  • Leaking pipes

    A leaking pipe is more than what meets the eye. Besides leaving your carpet damp, it can also result in floor and ceiling dampening which can affect the entire infrastructure of your house. If not taken care in time, the problem can spread to the critical points of your home like the foundation or the load-bearing walls. Not only is it a potential threat for your home, but also poses a risk to the well-being of people living in the house.

  • Leaking faucets:

    Leaking faucets can be treated with a little tightening but most probably, the solution will last only a few nights. There are many tiny parts that combine together to make a faucet and when any of these parts went missing, you face the leakage issue. Moreover, a running faucet means that your water meter will have a higher reading and you a bigger water bill.

  • Leaking water heaters:

    At times, a spike in your utility bills is not because of the increased consumption of utilities but because you’re leaking water heater is consuming more electricity and power to meet the demand for uninterrupted hot water supply. There are many reasons for a leaking water heater and only a professional plumber can find it efficiently.

    An emergency plumber can detect the problem and identify the source of the leakage before he/she fixes the problem permanently. Moreover, leaking water is also responsible for mold growth on the house which can damage your health and some pricey possession.

3. Lack of hot water:

Not having hot water in the shower is the worst thing to happen to someone. It is important that you call a professional plumber of you have ran out of hot water because there are many reasons this would happen.

Right from your water heater losing its spark to the thermostat failing to measure the right temperature and offering wrong stats, you may have no hot water due to many contributing factors. Another possibility is that you may have a hot water pump that runs put easily and gives trouble to refill. A professional plumber for emergency can take care of this and give you a reliable solution.

4.Frozen & Busted Pipes

If you belong to a region where the mercury slips way beyond zero, freezing pipes is a problem you may face almost every winter season.

While frozen pipes result in restricted water flow to the house, they are also prone to bursting, which means the damage potential is way more than expected.  A professional plumber with emergency skills can help you in heating the pipe and bringing the water flow back to normal.

In case you fail to address the frozen pipe earlier and got a burst pipe, there will be a lot of mess, for sure. The first thing to take care of at this moment is the overflowing water which needs to be stopped by shutting down the emergency shutoff valve. Once you have done that, call the plumber to handle the emergency and put back your water system on work.

Emergency Plumbing-Salmon Creek

Hiring an emergency plumber:

In case of a plumbing emergency, it is the best to seek professional help. Companies like PNW Plumbing provide expert emergency plumbing solutions. A plumber with skills and knowledge to deal with the emergencies ensure that you stay away from any potential damage that a leaking pipe or a burst pipe may cause.

The consequences of a plumbing emergency are diverse in nature. To ensure you don’t end up sustaining harm to your body or the property, call a professional plumber as soon as you spot a plumbing emergency.

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4 Plumbing Issues That Demand Attention From An Emergency Plumber

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